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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Retro Cell-Phone Handset Deal of the Day | Groupon

Trademark Games Retro Cell-Phone Handset Deal of the Day | Groupon

Birthday of a Great Unheralded American

Nikola Tesla was involved in the invention of radio, x-rays, AC power, electric motors and the discovery of electrons. Somehow he always managed to find himself on the periphery while more sophisticated self promoters took the credit.

Born 157 years ago today.

Nikola Tesla is born, July 10, 1856 | EDN

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is the HP Slate a good value or just cheap?

How does the 7" HP Slate stack up against it's competitors? Not well. Too slow, too little storage, no GPS, mediocre screen and speakers, lousy camera, older Android version and less than sleek design. It would be more competitive in the tablet market of 2010, not 2013. It's tempting at less than $170, but buy a Nexus 7 - you'll spend $30 more but be MUCH happier.

HP - United States | Laptop Computers, Desktops , Printers, Servers and more

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Told Ya So!

I could not make sense of HOW Microsoft handled the Metro vs Desktop situation in Windows 8. it was obvious to me that Microsoft was going to get a lot of heat from struggling users. They disregarded the pre-release complaints from the tech journalists and beta testers for some reason.

I understand WHY they did what they did. The pressure from Apple and Android to update the Windows interface to a more tablet/touchscreen friendly style has been huge. The way they chose to implement that response to that pressure seemed foolish. Force all users to interact with the Metro interface and remove the primary way desktop user interact with the "Desktop" of their machine.

The proper response seemed obvious. Steve Ballmer and his minions didn't see it that way. Instead of allowing a simple facility for making your choice as to the primary interface, and allow changing back and forth should user preference change, they assumed Metro was going to be the preference and they made sure users had no choice.

I salute their change of heart. I hope they don't make thing worse. Sometimes the fix is worse than the fault.

Microsoft prepares rethink on Windows 8 flagship software -

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Make Your Own Emergency Cell Phone Charger

This is a very easy and inexpensive way to make a backup charger for your cell phone or hotspot. It fits in your briefcase or even your pocket. 

It also includes some very useful information about AA battery types and their relative power.

If you are a tinkerer, you're probably capable of following the instructions successfully. If you don't understand the table of comparisons of the batteries, then you probably shouldn't try the project. Good Luck!

Adapters Charge Cell Phones Using Standard AA Batteries | Power content from Electronic Design

Monday, April 29, 2013

Truly Addictive Technology?

I am increasingly skeptical of the benefit of our immersive dependence on technology. It's an interesting development for me as I spent the first 2 decades in this profession aggressively evangelizing for the productive use of technology.

Now I find myself evangelizing for the judicious use of technology, and the importance of limiting that use so that we can live as humans must live to be fulfilled.

There are all kinds of cliched science fiction analogs that I am compelled to resist, along with the obvious and sometimes accurate comparison to substance abuse/dependancy.

However, the neuro-chemical similarities of technological over-use and dependence and drug abuse are stunning. In many people it is nearly identical. The serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine levels while using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. are similar to those when using Ecstacy. The problem is when you come down from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube or Ecstasy. Restlessness, irritability, depression and even suicidal thoughts can occur.

The appropriate and balanced use of technology and drugs have much in common too. Drugs used properly and in a controlled fashion can be miraculous life saving medicine. Used recklessly without thought and reason, drugs destroy personalities, relationships and lives.

I have become quite a skeptic when it comes to the relentless pressure to over-use technology. Many of us feel intimidated and pressured by ads, peers, clients and family to adopt and interact with various forms of technology with little thought about potential negative effects or actual productivity or quality of life improvement.

I have no doubt that Google Glass is a VERY compelling technology. I don't even doubt the potential productivity gains in certain situations. But I am concerned that the possibility for unwitting unhealthy dependence is VERY high.

Social networking doesn't replace real relationships. Electronic games are no substitute for real sports and physical activity, and virtual worlds or enhanced reality isn't a substitute for a real life and real accomplishment. That doesn't begin to address what I believe may be most important;  the spiritual factors that are a fundamental part of being human.

Even if you have a perfect handle on living a balanced fulfilled life that includes all the wonders of new technology, there's the potential risks of the completely public, data-mined life. We have not even begun to deal with the realities of that.

Read Roberts article and tell me what you think...

Robert Scoble - Google+ - My two-week review of Google Glass: it all depends on the…

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Laptops, Jumbojets and Catastophic Battery Failure

This is a very good analysis of the Boeing Dreamlkiner battery fire problem. Turns out the lesson was taught years ago in the analysis of laptop battery failures. Of course the ramifications of such failure are a little more compelling in a Dreamliner.

The thought process of designers and engineers in deciding to use the latest technology reminds me how seductive a trap it can be.

The newest is not always better, whether it's Twitter or Lithium Ion; here's why...

The NTSB Report is Out, Boeing Has Solutions. What's Your Comfort Level? | Secondary Emissions

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twitter Tweets Tank the Markets

This is why I think we are foolish to put our lives, data, finances and everything else in the hands of these shepherding outfits. We're the sheep and they're the wolves.

Do social networking services have legitimate uses? Yes. Are we blindly, willingly being led around by the nose by them? Yes.

Time to grow up and get things under control. This is crazy - and it's all our fault.

The "lame-stream" media is untrustworthy, alternative news sources are untrustworthy, the Internet is untrustworthy, email is untrustworthy, social media is untrustworthy, Governments are untrustworthy, Political parties are untrustworthy. EVERYTHING must be checked and corroborated. It's real life in the 21st century, get used to it.

Associated Press’ Twitter Feed Hacked: Reported Obama Injured in White House ‘Explosions’ |

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Check your Security - Nearly 100,000 Computers are Attacking your Blog.

Melbourne Server Hosting is reporting that it has seen signs over the past 48 hours of increased attempts, while Immotion Hosting has noted they are coming from a large amount of IP addresses spread across the world. This would suggest the attackers are using a botnet to break in; HostGator has said at least 90,000 computers are involved while CloudFlare has noted it “more than tens of thousands of unique IP addresses” are being used.

Check your security settings: Brute force attacks against WordPress and Joomla sites have tripled - The Next Web

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hackers Attacks Against Banks More Effective Than Ever

Just as I recommended getting as much of your personal info off the cloud as you can to protect from warrantless perusing of your  personal data, you must figure out how to minimize your exposure to the ugly ramifications of your bank being successfully attacked by hackers.

Most of us think because the banks are big sophisticated institutions, they must have a handle on security. They don't.

Make sure you have enough cash in hand to be able to pay your bills for a week or so. Have multiple accounts in different banks with your money spread between them, so that you aren't likely to be completely separated from your money if one of the banks you do business goes down for a few days.

With the fiscal machinations many governemnts are involved in that allow them to potentially confiscate your property, it's a very unsettling time. We have to think about protecting ourselves from the "bad guys" as always, but now from well intentioned but extra-legal "good guys" too.

We live in VERY complicated times.

 Cyber Threats Escalate as Banks Go Paperless

Vizio 55-inch LCD WiFi TV Only $649.99

Great specs, impressive size, crazy price...

Vizio 55-inch LCD TV - E552VLE 1080p 120Hz HDTV : TVs - LED, LCD, Internet TVs & Accessories | Dell

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Smokin' Sennheiser CX 280 Earbuds - Sennheiser CX 280 High Performance Earbuds w/ Dynamic Sound

Less than $20 for earbuds that produce 120db of sound from 19hz to 20,500hz. Hard to go wrong. Gotta get 'em!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

3 Free Mac - 'til Sunday only

Home - AppyFridays

Diagrammix, Marko and Singlemizer, normally 32 bucks of decent Mac software absolutley free. No strings attached.

Lost Woz videos circa 1984

Vince Patton - YouTube

You have got to check out these Woz videos from 1984. Funny, cheeky stuff.