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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Breaking in to large corporate and government network not as difficult as you might think.

Interview With A Convicted Hacker: Robert Moore Tells How He Broke Into Routers And Stole VoIP Services

It's amazing to me that really sophisticated technology companies and system administrators make the same old lazy errors the newbies do. I get irritated when my clients and listeners don't do what is necessary to secure themselves, their families and businesses, but many of the most high powered, high paid tech people don't do it either.

Have passwords. Make them long and difficult to crack. No dictionary words or pet names. Take the time and trouble to learn what you need to do, or hire someone you can trust to do it. Even when it seems like too much trouble. Or else!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Official Palm Blog: A Message to Palm Customers, Partners and Developers

The Official Palm Blog: A Message to Palm Customers, Partners and Developers

Palm CEO makes the tough decision on Foleo.

I'm not surprised by the decision made by Palms CEO. I am surprised that they went so far with the Foleo. It never was clear what the Foleo did besides make more for customers to buy and carry. I'm glad they will be able to concentrate on what makes Palm superior: practical usability performance and value.

Just as Apple hit a home run with the iPhone, Palm needs to promote it's interface superiority. They do not need to create a new market segment (Smartphone Mobile Companion? Come on!)

When was the last time you saw a Palm ad? Anywhere? For many potential customers the first time they hear about Palm, is at the phone store at the time of purchase. Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, these are companies that have name recognition and consumer market presence. Palm better build some for themselves, or no one will care about the Foleo or Foleo II or anything else that Palm creates. They could have gotten some real benefit out of that 10 million dollar write off on the Folio, by spending it on promoting their existing product line.

I'm a huge Palm fan, I hope they can do what's necessary to provide real excitement in th market and real productivity gains for the users of their next generation products.
Dr Dave