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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Google's New OS: Linux 3.0?

Everyone's guessing what Google's new OS will be. Even in this article the author contradicts himself by saying it's based on Linux, then an extension of the Chrome browser code. Sorry buddy, can't be both. A Safari based browser and an OS are 2 completely different things.

Makes sense that it may be an extension of Android, which itself is based on Linux. But Google's implementation of Android is not nearly as compelling as Palm's elegant version of mobile Linux known as WebOS.

Apple made the decision years ago to go with a Linux based OS and it certainly makes sense. We will see new versions of Linux based OS's released by numerous sources because of cost, development, licensing and reliability benefits. No reason to reinvent the wheel. The GUI will be optimized to deal with particular user and hardware requirements, but the real challenge for mainstream consumer type OS's is dealing with the myriad of hardware and software interfaces that must be streamlined and reliable. Linux was years late getting USB drivers and installs right. The public will not put up with that sort of marathon geek wrestling match.

I welcome Google's efforts to battle with the "Evil Empire", but don't underestimate the difficulty of the real battle - making an OS work for the average Joe. It's a battle worthy of Leonidas. How comfortable is Sergey in a breastplate?

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Seattle Fire Shuts Down

The Internet is pretty good at rerouting traffic in the event of a problem, but if the power to a site is interrupted there's not much that can be done, if you don't have a backup server. Obviously that was the case yesterday with, Authorize.Net and the travel section of MS's new search engine - Bing.

I am always very cranky when I have site problems because it is an integral part of the show and business. I was forced because of the extended down time and remote location to  just ignore it and go about my business yesterday. I don't do that well. I'm a fixer. I like to get into the mess and figure it out and solve the problem. I could get nowhere with that. Although I id learn a bit about Dotster's network structure.

It's back up this morning, before the show, so that's very good. I've been thinking about what I can do at my end to mitigate the effects of such a problem in the future, and I can't think of a thing. Any ideas?