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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twitter Tweets Tank the Markets

This is why I think we are foolish to put our lives, data, finances and everything else in the hands of these shepherding outfits. We're the sheep and they're the wolves.

Do social networking services have legitimate uses? Yes. Are we blindly, willingly being led around by the nose by them? Yes.

Time to grow up and get things under control. This is crazy - and it's all our fault.

The "lame-stream" media is untrustworthy, alternative news sources are untrustworthy, the Internet is untrustworthy, email is untrustworthy, social media is untrustworthy, Governments are untrustworthy, Political parties are untrustworthy. EVERYTHING must be checked and corroborated. It's real life in the 21st century, get used to it.

Associated Press’ Twitter Feed Hacked: Reported Obama Injured in White House ‘Explosions’ |
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