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Monday, November 19, 2007

Domodomain - Look who's clicking now!

New Tool Ensures That Online-Marketing Campaigns Actually Deliver

Domodomain has a new web stats tool that provides info on the domain that visitors originate from. Also included are a comprehensive suite of ad program management features that allow you to get a better grip on the effectiveness of your on-line ad efforts. Here's what Domodomain says:

"Domodomain 4 Ads is a new service specifically developed to help you get the most out of your online advertising. A new ad-centric user interface and specific ad related functionalities allow you to identify the companies clicking on your online ads, what “adwords” they are using to find you, etc. for better prospecting, lead generation and ad optimization. Soon also available as a plug-in to Salesforce."

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Microsoft exec calls XP hack 'frightening' | CNET

6 year old vulnerability awareness is not news

British researcher discover Windows XP without any 3rd party protection software is vulnerable? Give me a break! EVERYBODY knows this, don't they?

I continue to be surprised on a weekly basis, no matter how often I talk about it, by the number of people who do not implement the basic protection required on XP PC's.

SO... here's the scoop, one more time:

MUST be installed:
Firewall - ZoneAlarm or Kerio among others (free)
Anti-virus AVG or AVAST (good and free) or Eset's Nod32 (best but not free)

Should be installed:
Anti-Malware (spy or adware) - Spybot, Ad Aware, HijackThis (all free)

Nice to have installed:
Anti-Rootkit - Panda Security's Anti-rootkit (free)

Must do:
Ongoing Windows OS updates
Ongoing protection software updates
Periodic manual virus and malware scans

These relatively cheap and simple things can protect you from the bad guys with a minimum of expense and heartache. Failure to do this will result in great heartache and probably great expense. It's very simple, not always easy, especially for newbies, but the alternative is untenable.

If you wait until you are compromised the number of potential tools and knowledge it takes to fix it goes off the scale.

Like the Fram guy used to say, pay me now or pay me later. You will eventually do these things. Hopefully you'll do it voluntarily before you get whacked!
Dr Dave

Monday, November 05, 2007

Official Google Blog: Where's my Gphone?

Google has announced new software and Alliance to support it that will power mobile devices from major manufacturers as soon as late 2008. Read on: The ridiculous hype and anticipation are over.

PC World - Fraudsters Spoof Chinese Government Site

It ain't ALL about the lead!

Chinese counterfeiters are learning to go to great lengths to LOOK like the real thing. Not just logos and style, but offices, business cards, government certification and even Government websites. Read it and understand this is not just one big wonderful world. They are killing innocent people.