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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Look out spammers - you're on the radar

FBI plans spammer smackdown | CNET

Finally the good guys are going after the biggest spammers. The FBI announced that it would go after the biggest and baddest spammers later this year. Civil and criminal actions will be pursued.

'bout time!

The best hi-tech nostalgia

Jim's Computer Garage (museum) - The Collection

This is a great site. I was overcome with nostalgia strolling (scrolling?) through list of old personal computers. I'm embarrased to say how many of these dinosaurs I actually messed with. It makes me appreciate what we have to work with now.

New FTC ruling requires warning labels on pornographic spam

FTC Requires Warning Labels on Pornographic Spam

WOW!!! Our porn spam problems are solved! I'm sure that those pornographers will obey this ruling being the fine, upstanding, law abiding citizens they are.