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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Told Ya So!

I could not make sense of HOW Microsoft handled the Metro vs Desktop situation in Windows 8. it was obvious to me that Microsoft was going to get a lot of heat from struggling users. They disregarded the pre-release complaints from the tech journalists and beta testers for some reason.

I understand WHY they did what they did. The pressure from Apple and Android to update the Windows interface to a more tablet/touchscreen friendly style has been huge. The way they chose to implement that response to that pressure seemed foolish. Force all users to interact with the Metro interface and remove the primary way desktop user interact with the "Desktop" of their machine.

The proper response seemed obvious. Steve Ballmer and his minions didn't see it that way. Instead of allowing a simple facility for making your choice as to the primary interface, and allow changing back and forth should user preference change, they assumed Metro was going to be the preference and they made sure users had no choice.

I salute their change of heart. I hope they don't make thing worse. Sometimes the fix is worse than the fault.

Microsoft prepares rethink on Windows 8 flagship software -
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