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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Download details: Windows Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP SP2

Microsoft lossens up IE7 download requirements

In an unexpected move Microsoft is now allowing users to download Internet Explorer 7 without the irritation of Windows Genuine Advantage license checking.

Speculation is that Microsoft is concerned about IE7's adoption rate and the continuing adoption of alternative browsers like Firefox and Opera.

Says a lot about the users who are refusing to download IE7 because they either have pirated versions of XP or just don't like the hassle. I think it says more about Firefox and Opera than IE7. As good as it is, it's still a t least a year behind, especially when it comes to addins.

So all you evil software pirates out there, hurry up and download IE7 before Microsoft changes it's mind.
Dr Dave

Products - Antenna Products - In-Building Overview

Amazing solutions for VERY difficult "in building" wireless installs

Laird has a very good set of absolutely tiny "in building" wireless antennas, that can turn a nightmare install into another success story. Perhaps most importantly, a good looking success story. Their antennas are amazingly small and are even available hidden in Armstrong ceiling tile!

Concrete and steel are common construction materials in todays commercial buildings. These materials often play havoc with wireless signals and can greatly increase the cost of an otherwise simple wireless install. Lairds line of antennas makes even the most challenging architectural issues a piece of cake.

Dr Dave

iPhone and iPod touch v1.1.1 full jailbreak tested, confirmed! - Engadget

Customizers (hackers) get the best of Apple's 1.1.1 iPhone breaker

First, we need to stop calling customizers, hackers. The term is no longer accurate. "Hackers" has come to mean a destructive, even criminal technical modifier.Most hackers are just looking to improve the functionality of their hardware and software. Some hack just to see if it can be done. Its' more of an educational procedure for them. Most hackers are noncriminal modifiers that do us all a favor by finding out where improvements can be made and security holes exist in products that in many cases are not ready for prime time.

Second, Apple should apply a little of their non traditional "anti corporate" culture and embrace the non criminal hacking of their products. Turn a negative into a positive. Enlist the good guys that do it for the joy, to make your products better for everyone. Could it be any better? Maybe offer a reward for doing so.

Of course for some that would take the joy out of it. There's something about doing the forbidden that amps up the thrill factor. That used to be part of Apple's secret recipe.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

iPod Sets Man's Pants On Fire - News Story - WSB Atlanta

Now we have to deal with Palestinian iPods!

We're used to battery and a/c adapter problems, now it's seemed to ahve spread to iPod 's
Ridiculous. I think we're going to find out this was a hoax, or somehting is VERY strange about his Ipod. Perhaps it got wet...

Hulk PC mod smashes expectations, makes us green with envy - Engadget

Just the thing for male kids all ages

This is an incredible case mod. Looks easy to make, but these things always do.
Check it out...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

AT&T's rational Wimax plan

AT&T has what I believe is a more rational implementation plan than many of the WiMax evangelists. Instead of considering it a "3rd pipe" competitor to DSL and Cable, they are implementing it in a more practical way. Wimax will be an adjunct to DSL where DSL and fiber are to expensive or difficult to implement.

AT&T is gearing up for their WiMAX service launch in the second quarter of 2008, in just such a fashion. AT&T's Alascom subsidiary is offering WiMAX service in Juneau, Ak for $19.95 a month.

Of course their will be compelling proprietary services for businesses like long distance inter-facility communications, but these will likely be implemented by corporate personnel or 3rd party technical companies, not telecoms.

Dr Dave

Sprint Sets an Ambitious WiMax Agenda for Itself - Caller IP

It's Dejavu all over again

I was involved in a 3rd party fashion with the original rollout of Sprints Hybrid wireless Internet services in the late '90's. It was a bloody mess. At that time Sprint was still thinking purely as a voice telecom company and just didn't get ISP services and what it took to be a professional provider. It was a great idea in concept absolutely horribly executed. They stopped taking new subscribers, cleaned up the mess as best they could, and have been treading water ever since.

Now we have WiMax technology being adopted by Sprint with much hullabaloo. There's no question Sprint has grown into a much more intelligent provider, and WiMax certainly promises significantly better performance than the old Hybrid system. Unfortunately I think Sprint is still overselling what for many of us will be just one more wireless option. For many of us it will provide no benefit. Having said that, for those outside Cable or Telecom DSL service areas, it will be a lifesaver. But Sprint isn't concentrating it's rollout in those areas. It wants to reach the high population areas first, which makes sense, but isn't where the bulk of the customers reside. Understandable from a PR standpoint, but not good business in the long run. You must to where your customers are. Not just population.

We'll have to see how this works for Sprint. I think it's being over hyped big time. Reminds me of Bluetooth in 1998. How many years after that did you have a Bluetooth device that mattered to you? And how long after that before it worked?
Dr Dave

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

EBay admits to bad call on how much it paid to take over Skype - Times Online

EBay admits to bad call on how much it paid to take over Skype

Ebay had an "Internet Bubble" flashback when thay paid 2.6 billion for Skype in 2005. While there's no question Skype is a very promising company. But 2.6 Billion? Crazy!

Skype will be worth that one day. But not 2 years ago and not now. Maybe 1 to 1.5 Billion.

Fortunately Ebay has plenty of cash and can absorb the 900 million charge without much of a bump.
This reminds me of when Mark Cuban sold for 2.5 billion in 1999 or so. It wasn't worth a fraction of that, although very valuable. Try to find now. It's aliased to

Skype and Ebay is a good partnership, just some growing pains now.

Dr Dave

eBayyer » German court overturns eBay buyer conviction

German court overturns Ebay pricing ruling

Thank goodness, the German Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling that a man should have known he was buying stolen goods on Ebay, based simply on the low price. I just stole, er, bought another great antique fountain pen from a free market Ebay'er.
Dr Dave

Techdirt: Stories Of iBricks Scaring Users Away From Apple Security Patches

Apples iPhone Policies and Mishandled Updates

Apple does such a tremendous job at designing and producing incredible products, but continues to make decisions that alienate it's most enthusiastic customers and proponents.

I understand Apples' concern for reliability of the iPhone and it's services. This is one of the fundamental historic benefits of Apple products. They control everything, so their products generally work better than those who allow for more customization and creativity by vendors and end users.

It's difficult to understand though, why iPhone customizers are upset with Apple now that their "customized" phones are dead. They knew how Apple operates, and that the recent 1.1.1 update would "brick" their phones. They are upset, but the responsibility is theirs.

I do beleive Apple should have a more reasonable and flexible policy for 3rd party software and services. It could enhance the iPhone greatly. But they don't. I think it's partially because Jobs is just a control freak. He happens to have a couple of good practical reasons to justify it, no matter how extreme.
In the words of former Redskins All Pro, John Riggins, "Come on Stevie boy, loosin' up baby". You can go to middle ground, have a VERY stringent testing requirement. Put the onus on developers and still control the quality of your product. You guys don't have the resources to develop all the features, software and services that your brilliant products produce demand for. You guys create markets. Don't kill 'em!
Dr Dave

Microsoft Says Excel 2007 Produces Math Errors -- Excel Error -- InformationWeek

Microsoft Excel 2007 Math Errors Multiply Microsoft's Troubles

Microsoft has been struggling with incredibly poor product releases for the last 12 months or so. At one time we were all in a hurry to get the Zune, XBox 360, Office 2007 and Vista. Seems silly now doesn't it? Microsoft continues to strike out on all phases of it's business. As I look back it seems to roughly correspond with Bill Gates' announcement to step down and out of the daily MS grind. Coincidence? I think not.

Microsoft has enough cash and market share to perform like this for years, but not forever. I hope that it's competitors can step up and do what MS has been unable to do for some time now. Apple has. Anyone else out there ready to step up? For years Microsoft took advantage of similar performance of their competitors and built themselves into a technology behemoth. Now the tables have turned, but I'm not sure anyone other than Apple is ready to jump on the opportunity.
Dr Dave

Microsoft To Extend Windows XP Sales As Vista Concerns Mount -- Microsoft Windows

Power to the People - Microsoft get the message!

Good to know that the consumer still has some power. It's easy to believe that a company like Microsoft just force feeds product to us, and to certain degree it's true. They can develop only a relatively few products that we either buy or not.

Many of us have chosen not to buy and that's got Microsoft attention. Vista is the worst version of Windows I can remember (and I remember them all). So many consumers have made the choice against Vista that Microsoft has been forced to continue sales of XP until summer 2008. Believe me, that was not Microsoft's original plan. Hooray for the free market! Our voices have been heard! And without government intervention!
Dr Dave

Now Qualcomm Is Under EC's Microscope

Slaying the Dragons of Market Inequity

We talked with Morgan Reed of the ACT about this very phenomenon on last weeks show. The DOJ and European Union are going after big companies that have innovated in the marketplace, and are forcing them to give their competitors that didn't innovate, their advantage. The slide down the slippery slope to multinational governmental control of markets continues.

The EC is angry because Qualcomm isn't giving competitors the same product for the same price as their customers. Da? This is called competition, guys! It's not Qualcomm's job to give their advantage away. What kind of Utopian lunacy is that.

The biggest challenge for the EC (European Commission) is going to be defining fair and quantifying the advantage. No matter, they will make an arbitrary decision and hammer Qualcomm to the unending joy of Nokia, Sony/Ericcson, Panasonic and the other tiny, defenseless innocent victims.

As a result, Qualcomm will have to raise it's prices to consumers, to make up for the competitors discount, and we'll all be better for it! Riiight!
Dr Dave