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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hot deal on a Pocket PC PDA/Verizon CDMA phone for under $200.00!

Here's a great deal on a Pocket PC PDA Verizon cell phone for 160.00! It is new, with a one year warranty. Those of you looking for a PDA/Phone cheap, this is it. - Audiovox Thera (PDA2032) Thera by Audiovox Pocket PC & Verizon Phone w/ USB Cradle $159.95 PDA2032VW-N

AOL investigation comes to a head (the doc is right again).

AOL Time Warner was a merger looking for a reason. It never made sense to me. It was just a part of the manic Dot Com bubble. I believe it was Steve Case's attempt at a REALLY big score. With a success like AOL, how big a score did he need. Apparently the old school business of Time Warner, with it's heavy weight reputation in more conventional media was the stamp of approval Mr. Case pined for. Of course, the billions in increased valuation didn't hurt either. I talked about MCI, Qwest, AOL being frauds in 2000. I knew they were at least over-valued. I had no idea they were involved in the level of fraud they were. Sometimes I don't like being right.

SEC Is Preparing to Charge Time Warner in AOL Ad Sales (

Monday, April 12, 2004

Ever wonder what the dinosaurs felt like?

Enter your own custom parameters and get descriptive results of an Earth impact of various space objects. Kind of fun, kind of scary, very interesting.

Earth Impact Effects

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Chock one up for the good guys: Spy/Adware vendors take a hit.

Finally someone who can make a difference gets it.

A Court in Cologne, Germany has prohibited Gator/Claria (a rose by any other name...) from displaying pop-up/pop-under advertisements while surfers are viewing the web site of the Hertz/Autovermietung car rental company.

Hertz/Autovermietung argued that Gator/Claria's software constitutes unfair competition. Gator/Claria could face fines of up to $302,325 or six months in jail for each and every violation of this ruling.

"Gator's unsolicited pop-up ads constitute an unwarranted intrusion that disrupts Hertz's ability to do business with online customers," Remy Keijzer, Hertz's general manager in Germany, said in a statement. "We are gratified that the court in Cologne has recognized that Hertz and its online customers are harmed every time these ads appear, often without the full knowledge and consent of individuals who may have inadvertently installed Gator's adware, or spyware, on their home computers."

In case you've been living in an Iraqi rathole and somehow haven't heard, Spybot is my pick for Spy/Adware removal tool. Click below for more information and to download. . .

Downloads - The home of Spybot-S&D!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Abebooks: New Books, Used Books, Rare Books, Out-of-Print Books

A book lovers dream, and spouses nightmare. Books, books and more books. Especially good for out of print stuff...
Abebooks: New Books, Used Books, Rare Books, Out-of-Print Books

LincMad's Area Code Locator Table

Here's a very useful site you may want to put on your favorites. I sometimes like to get an idea of location of people who call the office based on area code and this is my tool...

LincMad's Area Code Locator Table

IBM - Technologies - ThinkVantage Technologies overview

I have become quite a fan of IBM laptop computers over the last couple of years. Here is the latest reason why. "ThinkVantage" software allows you to deal with data loss situations even when the operating system won't boot, among other important features. Click below for more info...

IBM - Technologies - ThinkVantage Technologies overview

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I think it's legal? Rid yourself of those intrusive AIM ads.

I'm not sure how legal this is, but if you're tired of all the ads in AIM, this little puppy rids you of that nusiance. Free, but caveat emptor!

Welcome to The Aftermath

Great deal on a powerful refurbished laptop

This is a smokin' deal if you don't mind refurbished equipment. I find they're often more trouble free because of the second QC check when they are returned to the vendor. Be careful with TigerDirect as it's not always clear what the warrantee is. Check before you buy. Refurbs are often 90 days.

Compaq Presario 2500 Microsoft� Windows� XP Home Edition Intel Pentium 4 2.6GHz 1GB 60GB DVDROM - CDRW Combo 15" XGA Refurbished Notebook PC Open Box RB-2538CL-C67 at

Comprehensive Internet safety with BSafe

The more I get into BSafe Online's software, the more I'm impressed. This is a rare instance of more under the hood than is obvious from appearances. That doesn't happen much these days of lots of promises, gaudy flash and disappointing performance.

BSafe Online is known for their outstanding filter. It's the best in the business. Here's the bonus: it includes a robust and effective, if simple, firewall and one of the best anti-virus modules available.

The only obvious weakpoint is it's interface. It's a little dated, though functional. Thankfully, I've seen a new pre-release version that improves the interface dramatically- and it's a knockout. I can't wait to get my hands on the new release.

If you're looking for a comprehensive Internet security suite - BSafe Online is the best!

Bsafe Online - The best in Internet protection - Compaq S5000CL Compaq Presario Athlon XP 2600+ 512MB 80GB CDRW/DVD w/WinXP $449.00 DN024AR

Check out the smokin' deal on this Compaq desktop. Enter geek5000 in the special code, and get it for $399 plus shipping. It's factory refurbished and comes with a 90 day warrantee. It would be a great upgrade computer, eespecially if you already have a good monitor. - Compaq S5000CL Compaq Presario Athlon XP 2600+ 512MB 80GB CDRW/DVD w/WinXP $449.00 DN024AR

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