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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Now Qualcomm Is Under EC's Microscope

Slaying the Dragons of Market Inequity

We talked with Morgan Reed of the ACT about this very phenomenon on last weeks show. The DOJ and European Union are going after big companies that have innovated in the marketplace, and are forcing them to give their competitors that didn't innovate, their advantage. The slide down the slippery slope to multinational governmental control of markets continues.

The EC is angry because Qualcomm isn't giving competitors the same product for the same price as their customers. Da? This is called competition, guys! It's not Qualcomm's job to give their advantage away. What kind of Utopian lunacy is that.

The biggest challenge for the EC (European Commission) is going to be defining fair and quantifying the advantage. No matter, they will make an arbitrary decision and hammer Qualcomm to the unending joy of Nokia, Sony/Ericcson, Panasonic and the other tiny, defenseless innocent victims.

As a result, Qualcomm will have to raise it's prices to consumers, to make up for the competitors discount, and we'll all be better for it! Riiight!
Dr Dave