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Friday, March 13, 2009

SUPER Free Video Convertor and Player


The Super website makes finding the download link very difficult. You are confronted with many links to download other company's "pay for" software. But when you finally get to the download link and get it installed, the trouble is very well worth it.

Super converts darn near anything to anything. The format options are too numerous to list here. Check out the details on the site. Another great example of free software being as good or better than "for sale" software.

Super isn't the easiest to use but this is offset by great control and flexibility. It helps if you have a little knowledge about video and audio formats and their quality and size, otherwise you may stumble around a bit at first.

Super also includes a very comprehensive player. Contains built in codecs that will play just about any video format known. Plays what Real, WMP, VLC and other player can't.

A great piece of software at a great price! Download it today.
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